What is Nodeship?

Nodeship is an IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) cloud computing company headquartered in London with multiple data centers in Los Angeles and London. At Nodeship we let developers and entrepreneurs deploy their application without worrying about scaling and management (Managed service).

Nodeship currently offers two different type of service:

  • Cloud Instance (KVM VPS) - Managed (Lighthouse)/Unmanaged
  • Bare-metal servers (Physical dedicated servers) - Managed (Lighthouse)

Upcoming services

  • Managed DNS hosting
  • Object storage service
  • GPU based computing
  • Kubernetes
  • Domain registration service

Nodeship was founded in 2017 by Shubhankar Kahali and is currently registered in London under the name of Nodeship Networks Limited.

How does Nodeship work?

We've tried our best to keep Nodeship as simple as possible because one of our major goal is to make Nodeship a user-friendly platform for users with almost no technical knowledge. It usually takes a minute or less to sign up for an Nodeship account, during the sign up you will be asked to verify your mobile phone and email address and once you verify your account you will be able to add fund into your account via PayPal and major credit/debit cards.

Adding funds into your account (minimum £5) is needed to deploy services, we usually bill your Nodeship account every hour (Cloud instances) and monthly (Bare-metal servers, Management level fee (Lighthouse) and Add-ons).

Once you have enough fund in your account you can configure and deploy Nodeship services. Nodeship cloud instances are deployed almost instantly and Bare-metal servers can take up to 4 hours. Cloud instances can be managed directly from dashboard whereas you won't have any management access to bare-metal servers because our engineers will be managing it for you.


How much does it cost?

Nodeship is pretty affordable and you are billed as per your usage, with our pay as you go model you can deploy a cloud instance for just an hour without paying the entire monthly cost. Cloud instances start from £5 / mo (£0.0075 / hr) [1 E5 vCPU - 1 GB Memory - 20GB SSD Storage] and Bare-metal servers start from £89.99 / mo (no hourly billing) [Xeon E3-1231v3 - 240GB SSD - 16GB DDR3 ECC]

Nodeship Lighthouse (Managed support) starts from £15 per month which covers up to 10 active cloud instances. Bare-metal servers come with Lighthouse One by default.

Hourly services active in your account will be billed every hour until either you destroy the service or your account runs out of fund. If your account runs out of fund then your active services will be terminated.

Our team is working really hard every day to deliver every promised feature and we will be delighted to see you on-board with us.